First Robotics 2013 Kickoff

The First Robotics 2013 season has started!

This year's kick-off was held at The Center for Advanced Technical Studies in Chapin, SC on January 5th. The Center is a new facility that chose to host the kickoff this year by hosting workshops in their classrooms and revealing this year's competition event in their auditorium.

Catapult Contest!

So this past weekend the mechanical sub-team of Team 342 set up a training exercise where we split the sub-team into two teams. Each team has to design their own catapult and whoever's throws a ball the farthest wins. This exercise is meant to show team work, problem solving skills, and creativity. It will also take members through the process of designing, prototyping, and finally building that will be followed during the upcoming build season.

Happy Thanksgiving! - Team 342 update

Next Team meeting: Dec 1, 2012 @ BOSCH

Charleston Business Journal

Team 342 featured on the Charleston Business Journal website and FRONT PAGE!!!!!

Good words of advice.

This is taken from Chief Delphi. obviously we won't be able to get a manual until tomorrow, but when we do this will be good advice. Before the season starts, we would like to take a moment and pass along a plea from practically all of the game designers, FRC leaders, lead mentors, lead team engineers, competition inspectors, referees, judges, and (most likely) your team mates. Once it is released, please, please, please read the FRC manual! The Manual is packed full of important information that pretty much everyone on the team will need to know.


Here's a digital render of it. It's not that great, but if someone wants to clean it up, go for it!

team logo

Just a logo I think we should use!

Up-Coming Meetings

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